Nowadays, the online poker game is booming significantly. Due to pandemics, all the casinos and other game places are closed, and people are forced to stay home. From the entertainment perspective, poker has more potential than other indoor games. This game can help you earn money limitlessly. Thanks to platform, a uniquely created gaming solution, you can now get entertained and earn a lot.

What is

The is a crypto-currency-based online poker playing platform. Generally, online poker asks for your credit or debit card information and needs to be registered if you like to play with them. Here in this gaming platform, your crypto-wallet address will unlock everything, and your skill will help you win the game. Not to mention, the uses a cryptocurrency named Monero. The Monero has now expanded conceivably and also receiving prevalence. Surely, to play a game on this platform, all you need is your crypto wallet. There are numerous online poker-playing programs available, but this platform only has the lowest rake among all.

What makes better:

  1. Anonymity:Remain safe while you are playing on this platform. Your crypto-wallet is secure from any hackers or scammers. The cryptocurrency payment method makes you anonymous.
  2. Low rake:The debits as low as merely 1%. Comparing to others, it’s like nothing!
  3. Instant withdraws:After concluding your game, you can immediately withdraw the winning money into your crypto-wallet. However, the minimum withdrawal amount will be 0.0001 XMR. You will don’t find any better value within this industry; it’s the optimum minimum you can think of.
  4. Play from your browser:Play whenever you want from the browser. Just visit the link and join any table according to your needs. There are many tables like- Mercury, Venus, Earth, etc.
  5. Dedicated app:If you want, there is also a dedicated app to play the game. If you want, you can download the app and play the game through it. The app is based on open-source code, so it’s virtually perfect.
  6. No registration required:No registration will be needed to play the game. To join a table, you simply enter your monero address or crypto-wallet address. Then transfer the monero currency to the address formed by Xmrpoker. That’s all you need to start. You will be capable of accessing the table when the system approves the crypto-transaction.
  7. Ad-free:Unlike other online poker game platforms, the did not showcase any third-party ads. Here, the gameplay and the player’s safety get priority over everything.
  8. Rent a private server:Although this platform has already some very much effective tables that are filled with players, there is another option too. If you want to play a private game or like to host a high-roller game with your secret clients, you can rent a private server from It will be effective for playing a no-limit game, likewise. Your dedicated server will be protected with top-notch security and a top-class firewall and antivirus.
  9. Better support:For any unfortunate incident, you can contact the 24×7 support team via message anytime.

Legality of

From a legal viewpoint, may vary in some steps from other online casino gaming platforms; though, many of the identical issues are the same for both. The also has creative features that differentiate it from other online poker gaming platforms. For a consideration of the legality of online poker playing or gambling in common peoples, there is always a taboo. Certainly, online poker is legal so that the is; and organized in multiple countries, including various nations in and around the United Kingdom, and most notably in the Caribbean Sea and other parts of the world. Because of the general misconception regarding cryptocurrency among all, they may think it’s illegal. Yet, most governments are now investing in crypto-world themselves and online gambling. In conclusion, your prize-winning money from the platform is totally legal, and no one has the right to take the money from you!

Differences with conventional poker:

There are many differences between online gaming and real-life conventional gaming. For the online play, the players never sit right over from each other. It removes the ability to observe other’s body language and reactions. For an online poker game, learning the player’s reaction time, betting patterns, waiting for the big blind, etc., will compensate for that. The players need to adapt and learn the new ways of online gaming at this time. Next, online poker or is cheaper to play than traditional casino poker. The limits linked with online poker range below to far lower grade than the table limits at a conventional casino.

Final words:

Indeed, this platform is slim and only focus on game-play. This anonymous platform surely always ready to deliver game quality with player’s safety! The encryption used is nearly impenetrable. Also, combined with the low rake option, you will not only be amazed by the but become a fan of it. Happy playing!

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