How Cheaters Scams Casinos in the 21st century

The vision of easy profit has motivated people to cheat since the beginning, and of course, the casinos are no exception. The large sums at stake in casinos today attract many cheaters perhaps even more than ever. However, with the development of technology, cheating is challenging nowadays. Moreover, thanks to the many years of experience, it isn’t easy to come up with a way that the casino does not know yet.

The punishments for being caught vary. In Las Vegas, casino cheating falls directly under the Nevada criminal law. Elsewhere, special legislation does not exist, but it can be considered de jure as fraud and as such can also be considered by the legal authorities. But what is considered cheating?

Various game strategies, advanced game systems or tips for slots are not illegal unless electronic aids are used. For example, card counting is not prohibited by law, but the casino has the right to expel such players.

How Players Cheat in Casinos

When cheating at the casino, roulette was often the target. Retraction needles or electromagnets were used to guide the balls. Today, however, mechanical tricks are no longer used.

The methods of cheaters are even more diverse. Today, there is an inexhaustible number of them, and there are even more people who are secretly building a career at casino cheating. Richard Marcus is one of the most famous fake players. He worked for two years as a croupier for a casino in Las Vegas and for the next 25 years made a living as a professional fraudster who robbed casinos around the world. He even invented some techniques of cheating. He publishes books, writes a blog, etc.

The most common cheating techniques

  • Past posting – (late betting) if a bet is won, chips with a lower value will be exchanged for chips with a higher value.
  • Hand mucking – hiding the cards and then swapping them.
  • Card marking – there are several different methods. For example, cards can be marked with a unique marker, which is visible only through special contact lenses or glasses.
  • Fake card dealing – The player collaborates with the casino dealer, who gives him favourable cards.
  • False shuffling and scanning – cards are seemingly shuffled, but individual cards or entire sets remain in the desired order.
  • Slots – cheating on slots may vary, depending on the type of slot machine. In the past, for example, substitutes were used for coins that the slot did not recognize. Today, the entire software is being hacked.
  • Cooperation between players – used, for example, in poker, where two players signal their card values.
  • Use of electronic aids – they are often used to support otherwise legal strategies.
  • Top hat – used in roulette, where the bet is placed only after the ball has settled in place.

Cheating in Online Casinos

As you may know, there are many online casinos, which offer almost identical games like land-based operators. Here, too, many players try to cheat. Many tricks, however, are not usable in the Internet environment. So, how players cheat in online casinos? Firstly, what many people will think about is hacking the casino software. However, this is nearly impossible due to advanced security measures.

The most common way is something called Bonus Abuse. Every online casino offers some welcoming bonus. For example, the best online casinos offer no deposit bonuses. Players, then, are trying to make multiple accounts to get these bonuses multiple times.

Another good example of the bonus abuse is using some sort of betting system during fulfilling wagering requirement, which every casino bonus have.

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