Sports Betting Software: A Rapidly Growing Sector of iGaming World

The iGaming industry is growing rapidly over the past few years. Due to the advancement of technology and rising trends in the market, people are investing in the iGaming industry. In the upcoming years of 2020-2025, the iGaming industry is expected to grow by 12% of CAGR. The causes behind the success of the iGaming industry are its growing market, virtual expansion, increasing competition, regulation changes, new growing market, and many more. It has various verticals to start your business such as casinos, poker, esports, video games, and sports betting. Among them, sports betting is the most growing sector of the iGaming industry. There are many entrepreneurs and operators available in the market that start investing in the sports betting business and generate huge profits.  As per the market survey, sports betting is expected to reach $144.44 billion by the end of 2024.

Sports Betting is the New Trend

As per the statistical records, sports betting will reach $125.18 billion by the end of 2023 and will raise by 12% of CAGR by 2020-2024. The rising trends of sports betting show a growing number of sports betting businesses. There are several sports betting software development companies available in the market that helps the operators in developing effective sports betting platforms for their users. It not only brings profitability into their business but also entertains their targeted audience well. The software development companies developed online and offline betting platforms for different geographical areas that developed as per the needs of the business. The operators get huge opportunities for their users to offer the best platform to them.

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Market Overview of Sports Betting

  • According to the market survey, the sports betting market will rise by approx $7 billion by 2025.
  • According to the market, analysts say that the betting market will rise by 90 billion by 2024 with the largest market share including APAC, Europe, South, and North America, and many more.
  • The American Gaming Association recorded more than 2800 sites that offered poker, bingo, casinos, and many more.
  • According to the current survey, more than 50% of people are available for betting which creates a huge opportunity for the operator to start their business in sports betting.
  • The current market size is expected to rise by more than $87 billion by 2026.

Recent Legalization of Sports Betting in different Countries

Due to the increasing trend of sports betting, recently many countries have legalized sports betting in the market that build several opportunities for the operators and the entrepreneurs. Some of the countries where sports betting becomes legal are as follows:

United States

In the U.S recently 11 states have legalized sports betting and 7 states have pending launches for sports betting. They promote sports betting among the audience by giving opportunities to the new operators. The current legalization in the country creates many upcoming opportunities for businesses to expand their market share in sports betting.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has the oldest and developed laws for sports betting. There are already many well-established sports betting businesses available in the market. Recently the gambling commission of the U.K. developed  new laws for the operators that include the following aspects:

  • Developed transparent standards for betting
  • Developed and better measures for consumer protection
  • Creates voluntary funds

European Countries

Each country in Europe has its own sets of rules and laws regarding sports betting. Currently, they are emphasizing real-life and online betting. There are many established groups of sports betting businesses available that build a competitive environment in the market.

Build your sports betting business successfully by considering these measures as follows:

To start a sports betting business successfully, it is important for the operators to consider these essential measures to launch your sports betting business:

  • Build a Budget and Objectives for Sports Betting Business

To start your online sports betting business, operators need to determine its objective and goals of starting their sports betting business. It is important to have in-depth knowledge about the market and target audience to attain profitability in the business.

  • Analyze the Target Audience and the market

Once your goals are determined, the operator needs to evaluate the target market to analyze that from where they want to start their sports betting business. Every market has different sets of rules thus, operators need to evaluate the laws of their target market and develop strategies accordingly to influence their target audience.

  • Choose Trustable Sports Betting Software Provider

While developing the sports betting market, it is important to choose the most trusted sports betting software development company that can build customized solutions as per the requirement of the business and the demand of the audience. They must be able to develop entertaining platforms for the users that help the business to grow. The platform needs to be user-friendly with different payment modes that help the users to navigate on the platform easily.

  • Analyze Third-Party Involvement

The operator needs to ensure third-party involvement with the software because there is third-party involvement for payments, analytics, statistics, KYC, and many more.

  • Developing Marketing Strategies

To introduce sports betting platforms in the market, it is necessary to develop some marketing strategies that could promote your business in the competitive market. There are some ways of marketing such as email marketing, social media marketing, loyalty programs, and many more.

  • Create a Sports Betting Application

To reach your target audience, developing sports betting applications will help the business to grow successfully. Due to the expansion of technology and the increasing number of mobile users, mobile sports betting can be helpful for the operators. Sports betting apps can be a great source of business growth. There are approx more than 40% of bettors who place bets through mobile phones that could be an opportunity for operators to launch sports betting apps.


Sports betting is the new trend of the iGaming industry. It increases rapidly with the advancement of technology. As mentioned above the statistics show a growing sign of the sports betting industry. The recent legalization also shows a sign of opportunities for the operators and entrepreneurs. To start the business successfully there are some vital measures mentioned above that are essential to consider. Thus to build your business successfully and expand the market share, you can opt for sports betting business with the help of software development companies.

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