7 Great Players Who Turned Down Real Madrid

Real Madrid is said to be one of the most glorious football teams in the world. But, there have been major instances where many football players have turned down the offer to be a part of Real Madrid. The list goes long, but seven great players list has been provided below. Also, if you are a big fan of sports and wish to earn money with your knowledge, you can hop on to Colorado Sports Betting and start making real money right now.

1. Francesco Totti 

Francesco Totti is one of the best midfield football players in the world. He was a part of Roma and he once rejected an offer to be a part of Real Madrid. He remarked in an interview that Roma was everything for him. When a huge team like Madrid requested him to be a part of the team, he did feel delighted. He rejected being a part of the team, he has very little regrets. 

2. David Silva 

David Silva says he has progressed a lot ever since he became a part of the Premier League. He was indeed happy when the football club of Real Madrid approached him. David Silva feels that he is more aligned with the team as his team made him a very efficient person. He says that he doesn’t have any regrets in declining the offer from Real Madrid. He signed a 4-year contract with Manchester United in the year 2014. 

3. Robert Lewandowski 

Robert Lewandowski is one of the best Football players of that time. Football runs in the family. All of his teammates call him The Body for the kind of muscular and well-built figure. He practices Karate to keep himself fit and play well on the field. He was sought after by many football teams at that time. Real Madrid wanted to buy Robert Lewandowski in the year 2017. 

4. Steven Gerrard 

Steven Gerrard is one of the top football players during his reign. Despite his height and his other minuses, he tried a lot to shine on the football field. He was approached by Real Madrid twice and he declined the offer. He wants to stay affiliated with the football team. He made this position on the football scoreboard by taking inspiration from a lot of football players in the past. 

5. Thiago Silva 

Thiago Silva is one of the best players in the football zone. His love for football made his dream for one of the top football clubs in the world. He never wanted to be a part of the football team that pays him more wages. He wanted to be in a team that values his sporting skills more than anything else. Even when Real Madrid approached him often, Thiago Silva declined him often. 

6. Kylian Mbappe 

Kylian Mbappe is a world-class player at that time. He entered the football zone by the age of 19. At a very young age, he received an offer from Real Madrid, he got a very hefty package from the club. He rejected it once. He is still associated with PSG. Real Madrid is again willing to offer him another offer. There are chances that he might accept it and reject it as well. 

7. Luis Suarez 

Luis Suarez has been linked with Liverpool for a very long time. In the year 2014, when he was playing a match in the World Cup series, he was subjected to long suspension due to his activity. He declined the offer from Real Madrid and there are chances to get an offer again from the team. Despite allegations on him, he still holds a respectable position. 

There are a lot of other players who have declined offers from this prestigious club. One of the common factors is stated as an attachment to their home teams.

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