Single Deck Blackjack – 3 Simple Steps to Win

Learn how to play at your peak and have a better chance to win.

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in every American land-based and online casino, combining skill, mathematical decision, and luck in one. 

Nowadays, there are multiple Blackjack variants, suitable for different types of players. One deck blackjack is especially popular due to the fact that it has the lowest house edge of all variations and is fairly easy to play.

If you enjoy playing single deck blackjack but do not have any idea how to play the best way, you will end up losing more than you need to every time you play for real money. But do not worry, in this blackjack guide with just 3 simple rules you will learn how to reduce the house edge and improve your chances of earning some real money.

1. Blackjack Basic Strategy Single Deck is the Key

Having an accurate basic strategy is the only way to keep the house edge as low as possible, giving you better chance to win. To be able to play at your peak, you need basic awareness and perspective to analyze what is in front of you. Therefore, having a tactical Blackjack chart will help to decrease the house edge over the game more in your favor.

Blackjack cheat charts have been around for years and are considered by many the best of all tips that will help your winning ratio improve. Best of all, they are not illegal, because the casinos consider it not a card count scheme but just a way to understand the system for a favorable outcome.

The blackjack hit stand chart will teach you exactly blackjack when to hit (take and additional card from the dealer), stand (you retain the hand you have and do not need an additional card), double down (you are able to double your wager and claim an extra card from the dealer), split (split two cards of the same value to form separate hands) when to split if you should double after a split or otherwise hit and when to surrender or otherwise hit. 

Therefore, a single deck blackjack chart will help you stay in the game for longer, because you will be able to follow all the possible moves and make the right decisions. For example, you will know how to fully utilize the ace card without ruining it. 

However, keep in mind that knowing the moves is just one aspect of the game, so it does not guarantee you will win, it just means you are playing at your best in terms of statistics. 

You should not have much trouble at all finding a blackjack odds chart. There are many available online, (in most cases based on the H17 rule, the most common rule variation offered) created by experienced gamblers and tested by computers.

2. Check the Rules Before You Play

Many online casinos often offer single blackjack with unfavorable rules, in order to increase the house edge to favor the casino and gain an advantage over the gamblers. Finding games with many good rules as possible will help you improve your Single Deck Blackjack results.

Therefore, your basic strategy will depend on the rules of the games you are playing, meaning it will be slightly different if the rules are S17 or H17 with DAS (Double After Split) or NDAS (NO Double After Split). Be aware that the Single Deck game with H17 has the lowest house edge of any other Blackjack variant.

That said, one of the main disadvantages of single deck blackjack online is that many casinos do not offer the game, due to its exceptionally low house edge. That is why, unfortunately, you will not find Single Deck that often.

3. Practice Always Makes Perfect Games

The key to a perfect blackjack strategy is to practice, if you keep playing you will be able to analyze your mistakes in a way that allows you to avoid them in the future. 

Numerous online casinos allow you to enjoy the game for free with no limit. Use this opportunity to use your charts and test out your strategies and moves. 

While nothing – of course – is compared to the excitement of playing for real cash, it will be more than helpful in getting you started and a great chance to master your skills before you engage for money. Once you feel ready, start with small stakes. When you are still learning, it is better to keep your stakes low.

Now that you have learned some strategies and tips to play at your best, go ahead, and give singledeck Blackjack a try! 

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